Accolades Page

"The ideal winemaker would be a Renaissance Oenologist: a philosopher-teacher, rigorous scientist, sensitive historian, and imaginative entrepreneur…I only know of one winemaker in North America today who combines all these diverse qualities.  That’s Clark Smith."
            Roger L. Dial, Publisher & CEO, Appellation America.Com

"I have found WineSmith wines to be technically sound, varietally expressive, and ageworthy. The wines please the eye, nose and palate of many, from the discriminating wine professional to the novice wine appreciator."
            Ellen Landis, Wine Journalist/Certified Sommelier

"Clark is a great winemaker!"
            Darrin Siegfried, Past President, The Sommelier Society of America

“I think they are some of the finest and most interesting wines produced in California.”
            Dr. Steve Krebs, Past Dean of Viticulture, Napa Valley College 

“WineSmith is full of splendor and grace. Looking forward to sharing their wine with some good people.”
             WS Wine customer comment, May 2016