We Smiths offer you skillfully crafted wines which offer "an opera in the bottle."  We value close personal relationships with wine lovers who are thirsty for a personal and honest connection.  Each wine is a personal artisanal expression exploring traditions outside the mainstream.  My goal is that you find a message in every bottle.

We're getting back to what the ancients knew: that living soil matters, that wine integrates its flavors through refined structure, that when it possesses a soul, wine is (as Ben Franklin observed) "proof that God loves us and desires us to be happy." We work through long-standing relationships with grower partners who share our preference for classic balance and our passion for inquiry.

At the same time, we have developed many new tools which have been adopted by wineries throughout the globe. We are actively engaged in promoting open conversation and full disclosure for practices we employ.  We dish the dirt! Please visit our blog on winemaking technology and leave us your comments and questions.

We make almost no wine: always less than 2,000 cases per year.  Much of our wine we share with our winery clients to demonstrate techniques and styles. We sell the rest to a small and savvy clientele who enjoy an exclusive window on postmodern winegrowing. 

Tasting is believing. WineSmith wines always harken to European style goals: plush, velvety structure, aromatic integration, mineral depth. Many California wineries "knock your socks off" with high-impact wine styles. Not us. At first taste, you'll probably remain fully clothed. But prepare to be sorry when it's all gone.

Clark Smith, Winemaker / Owner